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7 Things to Store in a Home Safe

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When it comes to storing and protecting valuable items, few things are as useful as the home safe. Home safes are designed to protect their contents not only from theft but from other potentially harmful events as well.

Having a reliable and well hidden home safe is something every homeowner should look into. While the threat of theft is a viable reason to keep a home safe, things like water damage and fires are more likely to happen and with the proper safe, your valuables can stay protected from any of these.

If you have something you want to protect from any of those potentially harmful situations, we recommend you purchase a fire-resistant safe and fill it with the items listed below! Consult a professional locksmith about any home security questions. As a skilled locksmith for safes, Carolina Locksmith has the experience of handling a wide range of brands and safe types throughout the North Carolina area. We’re adaptable and able to face even the most challenging safes with innovative and effective methods.

Here are the following seven things you should be storing in your home safe:

  1. Birth Certificates

These are incredibly crucial to many government forms as well as your ability to get a passport and other legal documentation. We highly recommend you place any member of your household’s birth certificate in a fire-proof, locked and hidden safe.


Much like the birth certificates, passports are required for various government documentation. For example, in 2021 anyone over the age of 18 will be required to fly (domestically as well as internationally) with a REAL ID or their passport, so your passport’s safe-keeping is crucial for multiple reasons.


This is essential to keep in a safe if you have other people living with you, and especially if you have kids at home. Having guns in a well hidden and fire proof safe gives you the opportunity to access them if need-be but keeps someone unable to properly use them out of harm’s way.


Jewelry should be kept in a home safe for multiple reasons. In the event of a home invasion, your expensive and sentimental jewelry should remain untouched. If there’s a fire or excessive water damage, the proper safe will save your jewelry from harm.


Even more important than but similar to jewelry, we recommend keeping any family heirlooms in a home safe in order to save them from potential disasters and theft. Heirlooms are irreplaceable and are hard to judge (in terms of dollar value) because of the history it holds. A good safe will not only keep your family’s history secure but invaluable.


Keeping prescriptions or medication in a home safe may seem far fetched, but this limits who has access to prescribed medications and allows you to control exactly who (or what depending on if you have pets in the home) has the ability to use it. Just like guns, you don’t want medications in the wrong hands. You want to make sure any young kids aren’t able to get to it, and with today’s prescription abuse epidemic, we are seeing more and more home invasions to try and steal prescription medications from certain homes.


Any large amount of cash should always be kept in a safe. Whether that is a home safe or a bank lockbox, that’s up to you. We highly recommend keeping it locked away unless it is needed for something specific. Like most of the items mentioned, this ensures protection against theft, water damage and fires.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to keep your home and valuables safe, reach out to us at (919) 608-3694. We can work together to make sure you and your household are safe and secure at all times!

If you ever become locked out of your home safe, we can help with that too! As skilled locksmiths for safes, we have experience with a wide variety of brands and safe types. You can trust our certified Carolina locksmiths to provide for any of your safe needs or any other security concerns you may have.

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