Ways to Keep Your Vacation Rental Safe & Secure

A vacation rental unit is an excellent way to earn a little extra income each month or cover your other expenses. But if you don’t protect your investment, it could become a liability. To help you provide complete security for any short-term rental, here are 5 safety tips.

1. Add the Human Touch

There’s nothing quite like have a set of eyes watching your property. If you live far away from your vacation rental, contract someone local to help keep an eye on things. You could ask a friend or family member or hire an assistant. Have them check the unit regularly and make sure the locks on all windows and doors are working.

In addition to checking the house for signs of trouble, they can coordinate with local vendors for some services, make sure the place is kept tidy, and be a backup contact for guests.

2. Lock Up Valuables

Most vacation homeowners use their rentals at least some of the time. Even if you don’t, you probably have items that you don’t want guests to go through.  Locking up those areas of the home is an easy way to avoid problems. You could add something as simple as a deadbolt to a room or garage that isn’t for public use. Or you could choose to lock specific items, such as cabinets, drawers, and protective cages that house your own equipment.

3. Try Smart Locks

Modern security technology makes it easier than ever to secure your unit. Many short-term landlords are turning to key codes rather than traditional locks for the front gates and doors. Why? Codes can be changed after each visitor leaves, increasing security and ensuring that you don’t have to change the locks all the time.

If you’re not one for key codes, you could use a system that uses a code to open a designated security cabinet with the door keys inside. Or look for a smart doorbell system that allows you to see who is entering the home and allow them inside to collect a key. Coded locks also assist in keeping track of vendors and service people entering the unit.

4. Provide Guest Security

Don’t forget your guests when it comes to safety. Although rental house guests might not have many of the same security concerns as guests who are staying at a hotel, they could use some additional protection.

You may want to provide a safe for tenants to use for their valuables while they’re out enjoying the area. If you plan to rent out individual rooms on occasion, be sure to install deadbolt locks on interior room doors as well. You can also install quality locks on bedroom windows, rear entrances, and any exterior gates protecting the cars to make your guests feel safe and secure.

5. Look Lived In

Empty houses invite trouble. Make sure your home looks occupied at all times. Your local assistant can help, and you can also hire local services to keep things looking nice. Trim the grass and keep the yard – both front and rear – neat and tidy. Open the curtains a little (but not too much) and use a timer and motion sensors to turn lights on and off at logical intervals. You should also avoid placing signage in the front yard that indicates the home is a vacation rental.

You can keep your vacation home more secure by paying attention to how itis perceived and what safety measures you take both inside and outside. For more help securing your unit or the things inside it, talk to the security experts at A Carolina Lock Smith today. With more than 25 years’ experience helping North Carolina homeowners, we can certainly help you protect your investment.

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