Your security is our top priority.

Having the right commercial door locks and hardware ensures your building’s safety. When everything is up-to-date and in good condition, your daily business can run smoothly. Broken or damaged storefront locks, on the other hand, can leave your building, belongings, and employees unprotected and make daily business difficult. While it’s important to call a locksmith if you need your locks repaired or new locks installed, providing basic maintenance to your locks and consistently checking their condition allows you to catch any issues before they can become detrimental to your daily flow of business.

A Carolina Locksmith is a local and family-owned business that has served communities throughout North Carolina for over 30 years. Our clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that their locks are being serviced by experienced professionals. We are available 24/7 at 919-608-3694 with prompt and quality service and can install or repair any locks used in commercial buildings and homes.


In order to comply with certain building codes and keep your customers and employees safe, it is necessary to have the correct exit devices on your external doors. Panic bars and other similar exit devices provide an easy way to open the door in emergency situations and allow for proper exit flow. A Carolina Locksmith can install or repair your panic bars and other exit devices to meet your safety needs and keep you up to code.

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While you may not realize it, a simple door knob lock is almost useless in keeping an unwanted visitor out of your property. Regular door knob locks are extremely easy to pick or force, and are generally not enough to deter most intruders. A deadbolt, on the other hand, makes it much less likely that a successful breakin will occur. Deadbolts secure the door with a heavy and thick metal bolt. They are nearly impossible to pick and require large amounts of physical force to break. Most intruders won’t even attempt to break in, and likely won’t be successful if they do. Having a deadbolt on every exterior door ensures that there are no weak access points to your property. Let A Carolina Locksmith professionally install high quality deadbolts to provide you and your family with security and peace of mind.

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While they might not seem as significant as door locks, having and maintaining high-quality window looks is vital as a homeowner. A damaged or broken lock can not only be an annoyance when trying to open and shut your windows but can also put your home at risk. A broken window lock can allow access to an intruder, jeopardizing the security of your family and belongings. Servicing window locks or installing new ones is a simple procedure in the hands of a trained professional. A Carolina Locksmith can repair your window locks or install new ones, keeping your home up-to-date and secure. Call us at 919-608-3694 for around the clock service.