How To Help Your Child Not Lose Their Keys

At a certain age, many children are capable of coming home from school alone and taking care of themselves until their parents come home. At this time, house key management becomes an important issue in many households. As a parent, you can help your child hang on to house keys and learn not to lose them. These tips will help.

1. Attach Keys to the Inside of the Backpack

Many backpacks come with a key holder attached to the inside of the front pouch. If your child is relatively responsible with his or her backpack, this backpack attachment may be an acceptable place for your child to keep his or her keys. To prevent the keys from being lost, make a rule that the keys are not allowed to be removed from the backpack.

Your child may complain that unlocking the door is difficult when the keys are attached to the backpack. But you can get around this difficulty by attaching the keys to a retractable cord and attaching the retractable cord to the keychain.

It’s important to consider that your child’s backpack can be lost or stolen, and it may have identifying information inside that could enable someone to connect the keys to your house. As a parent, you must decide whether or not the backpack will be a safe place for your child’s keys. Do not leave the keys in your child’s backpack if there is danger that your child’s backpack could fall into the wrong hands.

2. Have Your Child Wear a Lanyard

A lanyard can be a very safe place to leave keys as long as your child wears the lanyard all day long. Put up a key organizer inside your home where your child can hang the lanyard at night and grab it again in the morning before leaving for school.

3. Attach the Keys To Something Large

Attach something large and difficult to misplace to your child’s keys. A baseball sized stuffed animal, a ping pong paddle or a book are all possible objects that will make your child’s keys more noticeable.

4. Use Easy to Identify Keys

Consider buying your child a special designer key that has been printed with colorful patterns and images. These keys are much more noticeable than standard keys and may be harder to misplace as a result. Designer keys are also easier for your child to identify if he or she must collect the keys from the school lost and found.

5. Make Your Child Pay For Replacements

Many children learn lessons more easily when they must face serious consequences. If your child loses his or her keys, requiring your child to pay to replace the keys could give him or her incentive to not lose the keys again. If you’re concerned that the keys have ended up in the wrong hands and your home is in danger, you may also require your child to help pay for the replacement of your locks.

6. Buy a Phone Case With Key Pouch

Many young people now have phones and work hard to keep those phones safe. If your child has had a phone for a long time and has had good success with keeping it safe, buy your child a phone case that has a key ring attached so your child will always have the key if he or she has the phone.

7. Get a Wireless Key Finder

Some companies now sell wireless key finders that attach to keys and enable the owner of the key to find it even if it becomes lost. A wireless key finder is a good product to use if your child routinely loses his or her keys.

8. Contact a Reputable Locksmith

If you have more questions about how you can help your child keep his or her keys safe, contact a reputable locksmith in your community. At A Carolina Locksmith, we’re happy to answer your questions about keeping keys safe. Contact us today for more information.


  • Bob says:

    I like your tip about getting a phone case with a key ring attached to it. That makes sense considering the kid can have it attached to him the whole time. I’ll have to consider your tips so that my kids don’t lose their keys.

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