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How to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure with Latch Protectors

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Latch protectors can help prevent forced entry into your business or storefront from potential intruders. The latch protectors add an additional layer of security by deterring kick-ins and prying doors, as well as protecting your locks against jamb spreading or even tampering with latches. Read on to learn more about this simple yet effective device to protect your commercial property.

The Basics of Latch Protectors

The gap between the frame and door is commonly one of the most vulnerable points in commercial properties. If it is wide enough for a bolt to be visible on an outside surface, it will make your business more susceptible to intruders who may want entry into your property without permission.

One of the most durable forms of protection for your storefront, latch protectors are typically made out of heavy gauge steel or stainless steel. You can rest easy knowing that the plates won’t easily bend and be cut like other metals.

Latch protectors are also commonly referred to as latch guards or latch shields. Designed and manufactured in many different shapes and sizes, they all share the same task of protecting your commercial property.

Latch Protectors for Outswing Doors

The most common type of latch protector is the shield made up of one piece. These are installed on exterior commercial doors to cover visible latches or bolts that must remain exposed for functionality like opening and closing easily with no interference from other objects such as door handles which can prevent them from being opened at all if they’re too close together.

Most outswing door security plates are equipped with a special pin designed to prevent crowbars from being used on them. The embedded metal rod acts as an anchor, preventing any attacker who might want access through force.

Surface Mounted Latch Guards

The surface-mounted Angle Plate Security Latch Guard is an affection solution for when you want to keep your security latching hardware out of sight. Though these are typically less secure than their thru-bolt counterparts but can have more polished looks thanks in part because they don’t require any holes through the door itself for installation. This method of securing your commercial doors is quick, easy, and doesn’t take long before this type becomes invisible from either side of an interior wall or flooring plane.

Thru-Bolt Latch Protectors

When you want security that is tough to beat, look no further than the thru-bolt type latch guard. This type of latch protector is installed using flat head machine screws or carriage bolts and nuts which make them virtually impossible for an intruder with normal tools.

Latch Protectors for Inswing Doors

With a two-piece design, the latch guard is installed with a U-channel and offset bar. The faceplate goes on your commercial door while preventing it from any potential intruders by creating barriers when closed up in order to protect against theft or misuse of this valuable asset.

Latch Protectors for Storefront Doors

Storefront doors are a major vulnerability that can be easily exploited. The large gap between the door and jamb leaves it vulnerable to attack from both sides or above, leaving your property exposed if there’s any movement inside your store.

When you need to make your commercial building as secure and safe for employees, installing a security plate between the door frame at full height will do just that.
Sturdy metal or acrylic piece covers up any gaps so no one can see what’s on either side of it from outside or inside!.

You can also consider installing a full door latch protector. These are a great way to keep your business safe. They effectively prevent prying and manipulation of the doors, making them perfect for side or rear exit options that sit hidden from main street traffic.

In Conclusion…

We would like to ensure that our customers are protected from theft and vandalism. We’ve found latch protectors and guards to be an effective way of providing the protection they need.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how A Carolina Locksmith can help with your security needs, please contact us today.

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